Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who, Me?! It Was Him, Mommy!! No, Really!!!

On the way home from a doctor's appointment yesterday I tried to convince my children to help look for my 'life'.  My 17 year old daughter, who was curled up sleeping in the front seat (being 17, no fool, and having been sick all last week), muttered, "Yeah, right, I'm going back to sleep now."  My 14 year old son, the money bags of the family (no, really!, he saved up Christmas and birthday money year before last so he had nearly $150 to spend at an event... before that he saved enough to get a 'griffin' puppet at the local Ren Faire), said he wasn't interested in the $5.00 reward I offered.

Then he slyly said, "Hey!  What about giving me one of those calendars you made up once the new year starts?"  (they haven't gone up in the shop because CafePress hasn't switched to 2011 yet)  I thought about it and said, "We-ell, maybe.  It depends on how much they cost."  We dickered.  We finally came down to something from the shop, possibly even something made just for him with 'his cat' (Mister Kitten) on it, saying "Protected by Vicious Attack Cat: Mister Kitten".  When we got home, I reminded him about it, he looked for about five minutes and Voila! my life was in his hands.  "Where did you find it?" I asked.  He nonchalantly answered, "Oh, it was on your blue trunk on the corner."  My eyes narrowed.  "Do you mean the blue trunk under my bed where I looked at least three times already??"  He shrugged his shoulders, "I guess so.  I think Zaphy did it."  Riiiiiight.

"What?!  I didn't do anything!!  No, mom, really!!!  I's innocent!!"

 "I wasn't there!  Cross my paws!!"

Monday, August 30, 2010

All Right Boys, What Did You Do With My Life?

I've been missing my black book (organizer aka my life!) for about a week now.  I really need it because it not only holds my appointments but has cards from all of the doctors that I and my children see and have seen within the last few years.  I have looked everywhere in the house and in my van.  Now there are some other things that have gone missing in this last week as well.  I suspect the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde.  They always look cute and innocent because that gets you treats.  But they are Ninjas with all that implies.  Star likes to attack from chairs, both sitting on the seat where he blends in somehow (even white ones!) or under them, although he will also use corners, doors, floors, and beds.  Suddenly a swift paw shoots out and tags you, aha!!

Zaphoid waits until you set something down on the bed and then lays on it so that you can't move it.  Well, so does Thomas and Mister Kitten.  This is a sacred duty.  Star doesn't do this because he would rather use his Mutant Ninja Powers on getting more treats.

"You are getting sleeeeeepy.  You will give me more treats.
You love to give me treats.  Treats are goooood.  Because the other cats put themselves first you will give me more treaaaaaats."

And so I suspect Da Boys.  Either that or it's Gremlins.  Okay boys, catch the Gremlins & tell them to bring my life!!

"Me-om!!  We're busy!!"

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Who Are You Calling Zaphoid??

This morning I was out running a quick errand when my husband called me.  Oddly enough, when I answered he didn't say anything.  I hung up, thinking it was a bad connection and called back.  No answer.  I tried again.  No answer again.  So I tried the home phone.  My husband was surprised because his phone was charging or on his belt.  He went upstairs to look and called me back.  It seems that his phone was on the floor and Zaphoid was 'innocently' laying on his pillow.  Now I'm used to Thomas changing the channels.  He does it all the time.  In fact, he's taught Mr. Kitten to do it.  StarWalker BitCat the ComputerKitty prefers to play with my mouse or my laptop or the keyboard on the mainframe.

"Do not adjust your controls,
we control the horizontal,
we control the vertical..."

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Busy Saturday... well, for Mom anyway...

Sorta, right now Mister Kitten is proving, once again, that he can sleep with his eyes open.  I'd take his picture but I'm busy finishing this up, watching "Fifth Element" on TV, and then I'm going to rest.  So I leave you with the cover of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde Calendar 2011 which will go up later and how I'm feeling at this point (although the antibiotics are helping!!).

"That's right, mom's made 12 months of pictures of US!!  Whoot!!  We're so excited we've been napping ALL DAY!!"

"Heh, we're going to make mom go to bed early!!"

Friday, August 27, 2010

Poor Mommy!! We Should Get Her Chocolate!

"Well, I've been busy, busy, busy allllllll day making sure mom rested along with the kids because they're all sick.  Jen has been sick with something since Monday that made her voice squeek like a mouse!  (I was nice though and didn't try to catch her.)  But mom and Corwyn went to the doc-in-the-box today and were told that they have sinus infections.  So mom went to get them some medicine.  She has been making everyone drink a lot and we've been making them all rest."

"This makes mommy sad because she was looking forward to seeing daddy play with one of his bands tonight!!  But the venue is a cigar bar and it would not be good for her.  We are sad when mom is sad.  We will purr and purr and purr until she's feeling better."

 "Oh noes!  Mom forgot one of her meds!!
(she has two designs for this)"

"PS mom has started working on a calendar of us for 2011!!!  She'll have one with her drawings and one that's pictures of the 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde, like this one..."

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Da Boys Think...

Right now we're going over the shop to see what to take out so we can put up more items under Winter Holidays.  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde & their Feeders have some ideas which we're going to put down here so if anyone really wants something we plan to take down, please sing out here or email us!!  We'll leave that up.

"Okay mom, let's see what we've got.  Why don't we take
some down from every section that has a lot of stuff
as well as the section that is Just Kats?"

bumper snicker - there is another clean clothes one
I think this can go without a problem
There is another yin yang bumper snicker.  After New Year's I may put up two others that I found when pulling these images.
If I can figure out one more to take out of Medical Expressions, I'll have an even number there.
pulling one image from Family makes that section even, & later I can put this back + two others or take it out all together
Just Kats comes down completely
this makes Sleeping Kitties! even, I have a few more so it might be different after the first of the year
that makes Occupational Kats even
this makes Smart Kitties! even
leaves LOL Cats even
I can't bring myself to make a choice in ChairCat!
But I might take these two out of International NOs!
which leaves that section even, then I could add a new one and put
these two back in...  I just hope this would all be enough out to make up what I need!  (No, really!!!)  And I'm also looking at doing two calendars which I didn't do last year.  One of my cat drawings and
one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde.  Whew!!  We all have a ton of work ahead!!  Da Boys better make sure I don't overdo!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hard Time Choosing...

"We've put up five sections under clothing for Winter Holidays.  The problem is that we don't have any more space.  So we're definitely going to have to take down more so that we can get up all of the Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, & Winter Holiday clothing, cards, & other stuff into the shop!  Mom's mom got the "What? What??" design in the two different card stock types last year while
mom got it as an ornament and it looked really great!"

Gray Cat has been... behaving... like Gray Cat!!

Something Must Come Down!!

"Wow!  We're exhausted because mom was working so hard to get the Halloween section in today!!"

"Harumph!!  Momma didn't even pay attention when we tried to mug her at lunchtime for extra treats!!  Unfair!!"

"We're going to have to take things out to put up the Winter Holiday section.  We'll be adding that Real Soon Now.  We're not sure yet what will be coming down but are willing to listen to suggestions.  Especially if suggestions come along with treats!!  purrrrrrrrrrr"

"I think that this is my favorite section!"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Treats in the Morning! Treats in the Evening! Treats in the Afternoon??

You always know when it is time to get up at our house because the members of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde come up to you one by one (or two by two, three by three, and rarely four by four!) to remind you that it is Time for Morning Treats!!  This necessitates mom getting out the treat bottle, since I put treats into an large, empty supplement jar that is fairly easy for me to open but is cat-proof (thus far).  Now there are certain rules for getting treats.

Rule #1 - You must sit politely to get your treat(s).
[generally Da Boys get 1-2 at any treat time]
 "See?  I'm sitting all the way down mom!  No, really!"

Rule #2 - No pushing, shoving, or trying to take someone else's treat.  If you do, you have to go last.
Mister Kitten - "I didn't see anyone doing that!"
Zaphoid - "It wasn't me!!"

Rule  #3 - Thou shall not stare at the treat drawer in an effort to make mom give you treats in the middle of the day (even if this works half the time because you are soooOOOooo cute!).

"You are getting sleeeeeepy.  Very sleeeeeepy.
You want to give me treeeeeeeats!"
"Lookee!  We helped mom put up all of the 'This is my costume!'s and the first of the Trick or Treat section yesterday!!  Wheeeee!  Oh wait, there's a lot more to come!  Oh dear, and then Winter Holidays.  Hmmmm, we just might need a nap now.  Sorry mom!"

Monday, August 23, 2010

300th POST!!! Whoot!!

"Wow!!  We're so excited!!  This is our 300th post!!  It's so hard that I'm just going to collapse and take a nap."

"And it's still kinda hot so hanging out here in the sink
helps make me feel better."

"I'll be keeping on the look-out for more good pictures as well as helping mom with graphics in the store!"

"And, of course, as the ComputerKitty I shall be supervising everycat to make sure things are running smoothly!"

"Because we know that everycat is always good... we have some deeeeeelicious treats for everycat!!  We're out of greenies but we highly recommend these.  They are very nummy substitutes!  We've got something around here for the Feeders as well but we're kinda busy eating these nummy nummy treats!!"

"And we want everycat and Feeder to have a great time!!"

PS!  The Paw's Relation! has gotten their award graphic...
we still need to make graphics for...
First Prize - Sweet Praline!
Second Prize - Samantha & Clementine!
Third place - Katnip Lounge!
Harry & Fiona! who tied for Fourth Place with The Paw's Relation!   
Don't forget that everycat who participated
gets to use the participation graphic! 

PPS Today is the purrday of Hexapuma, who is a gorgeous Maine Coon fed by two of my most favorite SF/F writers Sharon Lee & Steve Miller.  They write the Liaden® series which I adore so much that I have two copies of each book to loan out.  Yes, they are that good!!  Sharon put up a post on her blog today with
pictures of this handsome young man.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Whew! Some Work Got Done!

"See?!  We've got mom eating out of our hands!  Or is it the other way around?  Hmmmmm.  Anyway,  she did another scrub on the 'puter today and we're all crossing our paws that it keeps working!!"

"Mom has started putting up Halloween stuff and began with the "This is my costume!" stuff.  After that it's the Witchy Woman/Kitty, Magic Man/Cat and the Trick or Treat things.  Oh!  And costume inspectors!!  It takes awhile to get these all put in... in fact, we usually get very tired and take naps while mom works on it.  As soon as all of that is in, we'll help mom put in the Winter Holiday stuff.  Of course, we are likely to fall asleep again!!"
We still have a couple more of these to put in... and this link goes to the page of all that are put up right now.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday with Da Boys

"Would you look at this??  First it's sooOOoo hot that we don't want to go out and then when it gets cooler it has to go and rain!!  Rain!  We're talking about water coming Out of the Sky RAIN!!
This is so unfair!!"

"And then, to top it all off, the lights went out for a couple of hours so we couldn't even distract ourselves with watching TV!!  
At least Jen had lots of battery power on her netbook
so we could have tunes.  Yay tunes!!"

"We were going to help mom clean up the house some while she hasn't been feeling good but...
Oh yeah, and the computer seems to be behaving better after mom working on it every time she had power today so Halloween kitties & then Winter Holiday stuff will be going up... whooot!!"