Saturday, April 30, 2011


"I haven't been rushing in to play with mom in the bathroom for the last two days.  Mom thought it was because she has gotten up so late.  After all, I was eating & drinking okay.  But today I was very lethargic and mom went to pick me up to see what was wrong.  My third eyelids were showing about 1/2".  But what really freaked her out for some reason was that I felt too hot!  Then the mean ole' mommy put me in a towel and shoved something up my... my... oh kitties it's just too awful to talk about!!  She said my temperature was 105.8 and call up our vet.  Dr. Alexander called her back.  They talked for awhile and mommy said she had a funny feeling.  So she & Jennifer bundled me into my harness and off we went to the vet.  Fortunately I like car rides.  The mean ole' vet took some bloods because they were worried about feline leukemia or aids.  But I'm a wonderful cat and my test was negative.  ::sticks out tongue::  Told you mommy!!  Mean ole' vet gave me two shots!!  One was a strong antibiotic and the other was to help bring my fever down.  I got two treats afterward and Dr. Alexander said that it was a good sign that I wanted them.  He gave mom some antibiotic pills to give me (seven pills) ack! ack! and two syringes (ick! ick) of stuff for my fever.  I have to go back on Monday to see how my fever is and how I'm feeling.  Dr. Alexander said that it was a Good Thing that mom brought me in because otherwise I might not have made it.  Mom said she had a gut feeling I needed to be seen and that she'll find the green papers somewhere.  (they charge $70 plus the usual $65 office visit for emergency visits)  Fortunately Dr. Alexander didn't think I needed to stay at the office but could stay at home.  He said I didn't have to be isolated from Da Boys but mom said she'd do it anyway so that she could keep an eye on what I'm eating & drinking & doing in the kitty litter.  Dr. Alexander thinks my mommy is smart.  I could have told him that!!  After all, she is my mommy!!  He also said that other than my fever I looked very very healthy.  Go me!!  I will let you know how I am feeling tomorrow and what Dr. Alexander says on Monday.  I will see him at 0830."

"This is me, being sick."

Lighting Candles Again...

Do you remember when the Cat Blogosphere came together one weekend in 2007 to light candles from one blog to another to remember dearly loved and sadly missed Ones at the Rainbow Bridge?
Kashim & Othello and Salome have not much been around visibly at the Cat Blogosphere the past months - well to be honest even the past year(s) - but felt with what is going on and with so many of our furriends needing purrs and purrayers we are in need of such a Weekend in Silence and Remembrance again.
If you want to join in, here is how:
Please light the above candle with us on your blog on Friday, Saturday or Sunday in Remembrance of all our dear furriends we had to say goodbye lately and those who came before. If you have a special kitty, woofie or furriend you are remembering let them know and they add him/her to the list.
If you want to join in please leave a comment here. You can also write to catboys AT and tell them your URL.

Candles lit for

all furriends affected by the bad weather in Midwest and Southeastern US| all critters in Japan that suffered from the big earthquake | SweetPraline |

Candles lit by

This candle lit by the
Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde & their Feeders

Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Toys!

 "Since mean ole' mom is making us stay in I used my
lazer eyes to force her to buy us a couple of new toys."

 "As you can see, the crinkle tube is a little small.  I fill up
almost all of it... in fact Corwyn (seen here wearing one of our 
IDJM t-shirts) measured me and with my tail I fill it all!!"

 "This mouse goes over the door.  It squeeks!!
I may have to catch it.
My lazer eyes aren't working."

 "Take that!  And that and that and that!!"

 "See?!  Not only does it sound just like a real mousie,
it looks like one too!!"

"More toys!  More toys!!  And maybe some cat grass!!"

Precious Needs a HOME! Please Boost the Signal!!

Precious lost her mom... her foster mom has her in her mother's bedroom but her mother is about to come home & will need her bedroom back.  The store of Precious is here!  Please take a minute to see if you might be just the person to provide Precious her Forever Home & if not, please please please boost the signal!!  Thank you!!

YAY! Chrystal Cuts Ribbon on the Second Cathouse!!

 This is Audrey neè Sparkes as a kitten.

 She was fostered at Chrystal's private rescue, run by Chrystal and her family.  We saw this picture on her blog called daily dose of dogs (aka cats with your coffee).  Her brother Ash found a home and Sparkles was heartbroken.  She spent months looking for a Forever Home but one one seemed to want her because she growled at the other cats.  Now I have introduced cats who weren't comfortable with other cats for decades.  And Sparkles looked just like the Founder of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde Christopher T Cat.  Just like StarWatcher and just like our current black cat StarWalker BitCat the ComputerKitty.  We were all in love with her and finally we decided we just had to have her in our family!!  So we asked if she could be a member of the Horde.  Chrystal was so excited and so were we!!  I give new cats a year before I worry about them fitting in the Horde.

 On the way home the kids and I thought her name was Nova.  Dale insisted her name was really Audrey.  It turned out that Dale was right!  Her name officially became Lady Audrey Nova StarWatcher (that last in honor of StarWatcher who was the second black cat of the Horde when Star was adopted at the age of four weeks).  Her use name is Audrey but she is most definitely a Lady in every way.  It took her awhile to become friendly with her brothers although she still has anarchnemesis in her brother Knives.  Her first friend was her twin brother of another mother StarWalker surprising none of us and followed by 'twins' Zaphoid Beeblebrox and Sir Thomas of Snuggle.

Please joint with the Tims and Princess of the
Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde in promoting
the Neutering and Spaying of cats & dogs...
it is safer & healthier for your fur friends!!
Thank you!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Me-om!! What Happened to the Lights?! And Our Fountain!!

 "This morning dad got everycat & the other Feeders up at 0600 because of the siren at the airport near us blaring!  The Feeders all got dressed just in case we had to go into the front bathroom.  Of course we are always dressed in our beautiful furs!!  Then at 0630 all the lights went out!!   And our water fountains stopped flowing!!  Unfair!!"

 "But don't worry!!  I made the siren stop blaring!  It's been raining birds and dogs all day and the only Horde member to go OUT on the leash was dumb ole' Audrey but that's because she only goes out on the porch.  Dumb ole' Audrey.  Oh wait, Zaphy went out too but he made mom walk him all over down the driveway and in the back patio area.  He was sooooo mad because she made him stay on the leash!  Mom says she needs to get more harnesses (and leashes) so we can all have our own.  I think we each need our own color so dad can tell whose is whose.  Mom looked at this but said she didn't know if it would be big enough for us or not.  Then mom & I drooled over the furniture, steps & window seats!"

 "Daddy brought mom flowers last night just to help make her feel better.  Mom got denied SSD again.  Daddy knows that flowers help mom.  Of course we're much much much better at it!!"

"I'm practicing for our Second Annual Everycat Sleeping Contest!!  If you search in our search box on the side you can see who won last year!  Everycat should start practicing now... it will start in July!!"

"Mom had to drive TWO MILES to buy dad hot coffee because the lights were out so far!  They stayed out until 1030!!  They're starting to blink again so we're going to post this quick quick quick!!"

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mean Ole' Mommy!!

 "Mean ole' mommy won't let anyone OUT!!"

 "This makes emo kitty even more emo.
I prefer the outdoor kitty litter."

 "At least mom is giving me greenies when
she viciously forces me to take my meds!"

"LOTS of greenies!!"

"Well, if she feeds us enough greenies we guess we'll keep her."

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Hard Day's Day as repurrted by Star

First the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde would like to say "We'll meet you later" to Sweet Praline... Heaven's Newest Angel.

graphic made by Kitty's Cat Chat

Now.  ::huh::  Mom didn't wake up until 1000 because dad didn't get home until 0300 and mom wanted to make sure she was up to make sure he didn't let Star out accidentally.  Dad was actually just leaving when mom woke up and he started to leave before putting in our new window screen!!  Daddy said he was going to put it up this weekend but he kept doing Other Important Things.  Although we do have to admit that he was napping part of that time so...  Anyway mom made sure he stopped and put up our New Cat Proof  Screen!  Daddy said he didn't have time and mom said he did.  So he did and this is what it looks like.  We like having the window open but you can't make holes in the screen and you can't pop it out.  Poohbears!!
Mom still won't let me out even though I told her and told her and TOLD her that I was purrfectly fine!!  She went to the vet as soon as dad left.  She didn't even stop to put in her contacts!  Now I have to take a dropperfull of antibiotic twice a day along with the darn ole' drops in my eye!!  Do I look like I need to stay in??  Do I??  Do I???

This is me looking out the window and lamenting at mom that she's trying to take a picture of me AGAIN!!  And stop it with those compresses!!  They're hot!  Look at my furs!  Oh wait!!  My dearest Admiral!!  Close your eyes!!  I can't have you seeing my furs like this!!  And now mom is talking about starting to save up little by little once her SSD goes through (ps mom, you forgotted to call about that again today!) and do some remodeling in the back.

Daddy would need to have a workshop on the far right for his tools & the lawnmower and him to do stuffs so that he wouldn't keep leaving the door open.  Dad leaves the fence gate open sometimes.

This is where the shed is where dad has his tools right now.  Dad says it's not really big enough to do anything anyway.  I think he wants a carport & workshop combined so he can do work on cars in the winter.  ::snicker::

This is the view from the back fence toward mom & dad's bedroom window.  Mom's going to have to find someone to figure out how much it would cost to fence over the area.  Materials, building permit, labor lalala.  Of course, if mom had her wish the roof would be a roof roof and there'd be a way to heat the pool for the winter!!  ::grin::

These are the roses blooming at the corner of the house.  Mom cut two of them when she went to get my antibiotics to give to the vet people.

For all of our furfriends and their Feeders who need
this card this week...we'll all meet again some day.

PS Thank yous to "You Know Who You Ares" for your donations.  My antibiotics were $22 so that came in handy for mom to be able to pay for them!!  I say she'd better go get me some more greenies!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Star Will Go Back to the Vet Monday - UPDATE - mom will go pick up meds for me

 "I went outside last night.  Mom wasn't happy with me."

 "She was even more unhappy when I came up to go inside."

 "The fur on my head was wet & sticking up.  When mom checked there were two sores on it.  Mean ole' mommy cleaned me up & dusted me with goldenseal powder.  Mean ole' mommy!!  She's making everycat be even more vigilant about keeping me in and is going to take me back to the vet tomorrow rather than call them today since I'm being my usual self.  Our vets are good about coming in when we need them even when their office is closed but it's Easter and unless I start feeling worse today mom will let me wait."

"So if my furfriends could send me a few purrs
& their Feeders some prayers I'd appreciate it."

PS The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde & their Feeders would like to wish everycat & their Feeders (and our woofie friends too)

PPS because Star will have to go back to the vet, he could use a green paper or two if you can spare it to help pay for his vet bill.  We have a dedicated paypal account for the Horde and a button on the left hand side of our blog.  And of course, all of the profits from our shop also go to the care, feeding & vet bills of the Horde.

UPDATE:  Star finally came down from Jennifer's room to eat some lunch which gave us a chance to get a good look at how his head is doing.  Now I'm seriously wondering if I should wait until tomorrow or not.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Story of the Lilac Bush...

 "mmmmm, this smells goooood."

 "Yesssss, it's mine!  All mine!"

 "But I'd better mark it to make sure everycat knows it."

  "See mom??  It made the lilac bush bloom even better!!"

"What?  Me??  Star!!  How could you tattle on me to mom!!"

"Be nice to me!!  Mom took me to the vet today because
my eye was hurting!  He gave me drops for my eyes, mom
had to pay them nearly $75.00 and they didn't even give me greenies!!  Good thing mom gave me some when we got
home.  She said I'll get more after each time I get meds."

Stuff & Stuff

 "The weather is being pretty & I love going outside with mom."

"I'm getting very good going out on my leash & coming back in.
Our mom hasn't been feeling very good.  She's been having
headaches & sleeping trouble. Tomorrow I hope to show you
a picture of our lilac bush.  (One shows Zaphy spraying it!!)"
"Someone bought something from our store again!
This is a Good Thing™ because it's time for our
Rabies shots & Pernicious Flea treatments.  boo!"

 "This is the graphic that someone got.
They bought the ceramic traveling cup!"

"We have two requests for purrs & prayers.  The first is for Sweet Praline & her mom.  Sweet Praline isn't eating & may be crossing the Bridge soon which makes us all sad.  The second is for Chrystal & her new cathouse!  Please go to her blog & help fund the kitties and find Forever Homes for the kitties in the cathouses!!  (We like Handsome because he looks like Audrey & Star but mean ole' mom says that five cats in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde is enough for now.  Mean ole' mommy!!"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We Made a Sale!! (PS A Kitty Needs a Home!)

 "Yay!  We made a sale!!"

 "That's a $1.50 in our CafePress account once it clears!"

 "This is good because my left eye needs to
be checked & it's time for rabies shots."

 "Toys!!  Buy more toys!!"

"This is what someone got!  We've got two other address change
designs and put a linkee on this graphic so if you are letting
your Feeder(s) change your abode you can send them here
to let all of your furfriends know where to send you toys!!"

"Ahem.  Thomas here.  Precious is a pretty Princess living in South Carolina.  She lost her mom and needs a new home.  She is only six years old.  Precious is a wonderful wonderful kitty who needs a wonderful home.  If we had more room in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde we would ask her to come live here.  But since we don't, we would like everycat to go visit Brian's Home and look at the post about the Code Red Urgent! Precious Cat Needs Someone Now! 
Thank you!!  We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogs."