Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dead Kats Can't Post...

First, I overslept.  Maybe partly due to the fact that I took a sleeping pill last night (which I'm supposed to do on a regular basis but don't  ::sigh::) and partly... ::flings out accusatory finger:: it's all the cats' fault!!  Yes!  That's it!  It was a catspiracy!!  Zaphy, Oberon, Star... even Thomas was in on it!!  All of them!  All of them, I tell you!  They wanted to make me sleep.  Those vicious evile cats just kept laying around me, on me, over me, near me... purrrrrrrrrrrrring.  All part of their diabolical plan to make me wake up, look at the clock, freak out when I saw that it was past time for my daughter to be at the orthodontist appointment that I had rescheduled for October, and then for them to laugh their little kitty heads off... except when I was looking, of course.

I think they did it in retaliation for my not going to bed early enough to please Their Majesties/Highnesses (titles vary as they go in and out the door or as the cat guard changes... don't ask me, I'm not in charge here, I just feed them).  Star just realized that I'd come into the office for more than a few minutes and suddenly poof!  here he is on the chair beside me.  That's okay, I'm going to shut down as soon as I post this and he can come cuddle up on the bed.  We're still working on his skittishness.

It never fails to amaze me how cats can change in their lifetimes.  But even more so with feral/rescue cats.  If anything happens to put them under stress, they often revert back to their early behavior.  So it's like winning their trust all over again.  You have to show them that you are a member of their pride.... their family.  Show them that you are not going to go away, not going to leave them to starve, to shiver, to die.  Now in some cases of rescue cats, it wasn't the owner's fault, death and/or illness and/or job loss can make a bad situation happen and if there isn't someone to immediately take the pet.  ::closes eyes::  I've had to say "I'm sorry, but I have all the cats I can handle right now" to friends and it hurts like hell doing it (pardon my french).

Back to what I was saying, sorry got off track there a bit, but when something traumatic happens in a cat's life (which may or may not be visible to the cat's companion) it's back to the beginning, do not pass GO, do not collect 200 cloth mice.  So, now I am patiently trying to restore the confidence and love in Man in a little skitty black cat... carefully.  Not that I won't always worry about him.  I worry about all of my cats, but he's a black cat and some people, quite frankly, are... strange... in a bad way.

Good night/day... and may it be a quiet one.