Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wherein Cats are Wet, But Treats are Found, and Therefore the Horde Rejoices

The treat box has been missing for a few days.  This means that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde has been quite sad.  "Yes mom, we have been ever so sad without treats." says Star, "Treats are important to keep kitties strong and healthy.  No, really!!"  To add to that, it's been colder the last few days and yesterday the weather had the indignancy to rain.  This means that jaunts outside must be shortened.

This also means that I have been subjected to Da Boys coming in, one at a time, wet.  "You're wet."  "I know mommy.  Have you found the treats yet?"  "No.  You're wet."  "Uh-huh." Tries to get into the space behind my head where the treats normally reside, "Are you surrrrrrre you haven't found the treats??"  "I haven't found the treats.  However, you are still wet.  Please go dry yourself."  [insert cat sigh here]  "Okay mom."  [cat moves away from me & begins to groom himself diligently]

Star says, "See?  I was good!  I dried off before
  I went to mom.  Say, did you find the treats yet??"

Yesterday Corwyn and I stopped by Krogers on the way back from his dress rehersal (last consert as his middle school tonight!!  the brick on his head isn't working!).  We went in to specifically buy new eat-trays.  Catnip flavor & Tuna flavor!  They have purr-rises but I haven't checked about those.  Da Boys were sooOOOooo happy!!  No, really!  The Catnip flavor came in a large bag so I had to use three of the small plastic containers to put up all of the eat-trays in!  Now I have three content Tims laying on my bed with me whilst the fourth Tim is curled up on the window ledge.  (He's just changed position, I think he 'heard' me typing about him!!

This is the front and inside of one of Kat's Kards.  I really don't have anything appropriate (or that I think is, for Da Boys to thank me for buying them more eat-trays.  But I like this one.  ::grin::  As with most of the cards, there are a number of options.  A blank and two or three (or four or...) insides so that you can choose the one that speaks to you.  You can get postcards, one greeting card, greeting cards in a pack of 10 or 20, and note cards in a pack of 10 or 20 (yeah, irks me too that they don't have note cards in a singleton).  My mom got both the matte & the glossy at Christmas so I know that they are of high quality.  Sorry this got so long but I'd really really really like to build up my store.  No, really!!  I just realized I haven't taken Da Boys in for their shots because of budget and the month is almost over!  Ouch!