Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MOM! You've been absent & forgot MY birthday!!

 "Okay Zaphy, Where's mom been??"
"I'm pretty sure she's in bed because she's exhausted.
Her best friend/sister visited and she's had stuff happening.
BUT Jennifer & Corwyn's dad got a job! So that's good news!"

 "That's IT mom! I'm weighing you down with this because it was MY BIRTHDAY yesterday and I wanted a PARTY!! So you have to give me a party for TWO DAYS!!"

 "You know you're six now, right?"

 "Okay, niptinis over there along with the cream for the kittens. Oh wait, maybe we'd better put the cream somewhere safe... oh wait, there is no safe when it comes to kittens!!"

"So, do you think anyone will come to my party? I've laid out tuna and beef and catnip and valerian and even stuff for those silly woofie things."
"Good grief... I'm exhausted already!!"

Happy Birthday Mister Knives!
Party until Friday!!