Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Worldwide Accept-the-Niceness Day

Anyone posting in the comments of this entry may be complimented, for no reason whatsoever, by anyone who knows good things about them.  Anyone posting in the comments of this entry are encouraged to say something wonderful about someone else, in the hopes that the subject of their niceness will see this.
And anyone complimented in these threads cannot deny the compliment.  Today, here, you must own the fact that you have made someone happy enough that they feel the urge to gush about you.  This is not them doing it out of obligation, for who in the world needs to post in a thread on some cat’s blog?  This is not them being lured into an illusion of your wonderfulness – if you’re reading it, drop your impostor syndrome for a moment.  Open yourself to the idea that what they’re happy about is actually real.
Anyone reading this is welcome to steal the idea for their own.  And then post a variation on their blog. [from someone else's blog]
 "I love my boy. He is nice to me and generous to everyone he meets."

 "My girl is helpful and kind. She looks out for her
brother even when she's mad at him."

 "My Katie Isabella's mom is a wonderful person who takes such good care of my Katie. She deserves the best of everything because she is the bestest cat mom in the state (after my mom of course!)."

"My foster mom Chrystal is da bomb!! I had the best time there but even better was finding my Forever Home which is what she does!! Foster Mom Chrystal does that all the time! In fact, she's doing it now even though her mom just had a heart attack. (We're still sending purrs & prayers) She's the sweetest Feeder ev-ah! Oh! Oh! Right now she has kittens! One of them is a little boy named Maverick who looks like me!! You should so totally go get one! Anyway. Chrystal is our hero! Everycat here wants to be Chrystal when they grow up."

Here are some graphics if you'd like them for Worldwide Accept-the-Niceness Day... mom can change them if you'd like!