Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whew!! Something That Worked!!

I have a lavender headache/sleep/etcetera filled thing that you can heat up.  So this afternoon Jennifer and I implemented a Plan.  She heated it for 10 seconds in the microwave and then 10 more and another 10 until it felt comfortably warm.  Star had been hanging out beside her on the floor so she sat down beside him and explained that if he wanted to get better enough to go outside he really really needed to put the heat pack  on and leave it there for at least five minutes.

"Come on mom, give me a break!!  I may yell at you and try to get away but I always take those yucky icky pills!! (at least they're only once a day and not those syringe things... blech!!)  But I was clever and managed to go out! yesterday by going invisible.  heh heh heh  Mom always catches me.  ::sigh::  I think I made mom worried though, she sat outside until I came back in... well maybe, because her hand smelled suspiciously like chicken.  Harumph!!
If I'd been inside I bet I would have gotten some!!"

Well, Star, if you wouldn't go invisible or walk through walls,
you would have gotten some chicken!!