Monday, March 22, 2010

Mom, Why Is It Cold Again??

It's a lovely Spring day in Tennessee.  No, take that back.  The day before yesterday was a lovely Spring day in Tennessee!!  Yesterday it was rainy and turned cold.  Today it's in the 30's.  So while the flowers and trees are blooming and the kitty cats are wanting to frolic again in the warm air... well, it's turned cold again.  My son turns 14 on Wednesday and I recall the day he was born.  On the 18th I went into labor.  It was snowing.  In March in Tennessee it can well snow.  The day after being 65.  Actually, that's been known to occur in April as well.  Which is why the pools don't open until Memorial Day.

This also explains why my side of the bed had the heat turned on and most of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde spent the night on my side.  Now when I get up I have the habit of opening the shade of the window where the cat window perch resides.  It used to be in the kitchen but we only have one and they prefer the bedroom over all the other rooms.  They'd been avoiding it for awhile, cycling out toys and things as cats do (well except for their cat tree which is by the improvised cat window door).  But recently Zaphoid and Mister Kitten have decided that it is Rather a Good Thing.  Mister Kitten is on it now and he was looking pensively outside, feeling the window as if gauging the temperature.  He was sooooo cute.  Now he's napping with his arm hanging off of the perch.  Which reminds me, once I get a camera working again, I'll get a picture of Mister Kitten and Zaphoid hanging out together on the top level of the cat tree.  They are up there all the time, looking adorable!!

Mister Kitten chilling on the bed.
I linked this one to the infant bodysuit... it's just too cute!!
But there are all of the other products as well,
I had a hard time deciding, the teddy bear was
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