Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Where Has We Been??

 "First, I'm feeling much much better!"

 "But I think he gave whatever he had to mommy and 
Jennifer and Corwyn... and maybe daddy too!"

 "That's why I have not allowed mom on the computer.
I always keep her off the computer when she's not
feeling well.  She had to go Out three times this week,
and being sick on top of that.  ::sigh::  I've had to lay on top
of her quite a bit as well as guarding the door to the bedroom."

 "We're working hard on helping mom with being sick and
stressed too.  Dad went under the house today and found a
busted pipe.  He'd like to get a plumber but mom & dad don't
have any more green papers because of stinky... ummm...
yellow... ummmm... Knives.  Who feels much better now."

"PS Audrey isn't hissing at him hardly at all now!!"

"This is what everyfeeder looked like except daddy this week."

PS mom is having a bladder procedure just to check stuff
on the 6th so purring & praying even if we forgets
to post before then would be a Good Thing!  Thanks!

PPS This is for everycat & feeder (and even woofies) who aren't feeling well. 

Star says, "Actually this is especially for my adorable Admiral and her mommy!!!
I'm sorry I haven't been online my love but I am rushing right over to take care
of you while you are taking care of your mom!!  Kitty kisses & grooming!!"

Friday, June 17, 2011

First There Was This Party...

 "I loved everycat who came to celebrate my birthday!!!  Thank you all soooo much!  I hope that you enjoyed the water heater breaking down so that we had water to sploosh around in and put kitty paw prints all over the house!!  Wheeeeeeeeeee!!"

 "We did have some trouble cleaning up afterwards because the dishwasher broke down.  I think it was my Arch-Nemesis.  Even if we are becoming more friends like and I hard hiss at him more than three times a day.  The Feeders got a new hot water heater put in on Monday.  Why are they ignoring us for this stuff???"

 "Okay!  Who took the picture of me after I had all that catnip??"

"I had a good time but now I'm not feeling so good.  Mom took me to the vet yesterday.  I had been doing fine and then Wednesday I just laid around all day... yeah, yeah, I know, I know, I do that all the time but mom said I was doing it differently.  So she checked on me latter when I was still doing it and I felt hot.  DO YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DID????  The shock!!  The horror!!  Then she said I had a fever of 105.1 and she called the vet.  He said to give me a baby aspirin and bring him in the morning.  So the next morning we went in... mom, Corwyn and me.  More indignities!!  Harrumph!!  My bloods were good and the vet said he thought I had an upper respiratory infection.  He gave me antibiotic liquids (ICK!) and I can't see anyone but my feeders until I'm looking healthier.  Darn ole' discharge."

Between bills for car, house, Jen being in the hospital & Knives we're... short.  Prayers for Knives & Jen and us finding what we need to make through would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Party ALL Weekend!! Happy FIRST Birthday AUDREY!!

 "Audrey's First Birthday Party!!  ALL Weekend!!"

"This is what I looked like when I was just a baaaaybeeeee."

 "We have greenies & catnip & food & bunches of other stuff to eat!"

 "This is one of the fun toys we have to play with!!"

 "Mom has TWO of these for us to jump in and out of
and of course they're great for naps too!!"

 "In addition to the kitty condo downstairs there are
other fun places to climb to practice being a Ninja Kitty!"

"As you can see, we have a lot of feeding stations
and we have TWO water fountains!!"

"This is  me, Lady Audrey Nova StarWatcher, one year old!!"

"We hope you will all come over and stay as long as you want partying with us!!  Of course, the Feeders have no say in the matter!!"

"Da Boys wish their Princess a Happy Purrday!!"

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Start Getting Ready!!

 "My first birthday is coming up!!  Mom had it down as
the first but she ran across my records the other day and
it said mid-June so we're going to celebrate on Saturday
or Sunday depending on what's going on around here."

 "I've been helping taking especial care of mom 'cus she's been
hurting & Jen's in the hospital.  I am very good at this!!"

 "Don't I look ever so grown-up and stunningly beautiful??"

 "Yeah, I guess she's growing up.  She isn't hissing at me as much."

  "I would like everycat to come celebrate with us!  We may just
party allllll weekend!!  We'll have plenty of greenies & catnip & valerian (mmmmmmm valerian!) and lots of other yummy stuff!"

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meezers Colors Day 2011!!

"Fear the Meezer Lazer Eyes of Dooooom!! 
I am the eldest Meezer of the Horde."
 "I am Thomas' younger brother.  I blame our mother for this.
It's part of the reason I am Emo.  I will cute you to death."

 "I can not only snuggle you to death but I can change my
coat colors.  I keep my face, paws & tail blue tabby point
but I change the middle from lilac to red to blue to to to... 
I do this to mess with the Feeder's minds."

 "Star here.  I am an honorary meezer because I have the
meezer voice.  My twin sister from another mother also
has Oriental blood.  I have a vocabulary almost as good
as the Founder of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde.
He was also black with a white belly button.  Thomas &
Zaphy have as good vocabulary but they studied under
Chris for a lot longer than I did."

"I am Meezer!!  Fear me!!  Fear my cry!!
I take care of babies & my yard!!"

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stop By Foster Mom Chrystal's Blog Please!!

"HI!  It's me again, Audrey!  This is a picture of me when my
foster mom Chrystal brought me to my Forever Family!!  She has
lots and lots of be-u-ti-ful kitties (and some woofies) right now
who need new homes AND she's also trying to find someone to
help get one of those kitties to his new Forever Home!!!  Maybe YOU can help!!  OR maybe you're along the route and you can make a good home for a new Forever Friend or two??  So please please please stop by my foster mom Chrystal's blog for more informationTHANKS!!"

It's All About the Audrey!!

 "Because, first of all... I'm cute."

 "And of course, I am the Princess of the
Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde!"

 "Why then must I suffer this indignity?!?!"

"The treats help... but really!  Who decides on the flavors on these??"

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mom & Jennifer

 "We all need some purrs & prayers right now."

 "Especially Mom & Jen."

 "We're doing our best to help mom feel better!"

My pain level is five out of five cats today.  I couldn't wear my cpap Friday night because I was in so much pain & so stressed out.  I managed to do it last night when I finally got to sleep about 0200ish.  I woke up with my left leg all knotted up.  It still hurts.  My whole left side feels like... crapdoodles.  Sorry, no other way to really put that.  Jennifer went berserk on Thursday for three hours and finally did a good amount of cleaning even though she screamed for three hours at the top of her lungs that the netbook was hers and I had no right to take it away from her.

On Friday she got onto the main CPU in my office, which I no longer can use because of my pain levels so it only gets used by Corwyn & Jennifer.  I told her to get off & deal with 'the clothes'.  There were two baskets in the office that needed sorting to go to Plato's Closet (consignment shop that will straight out buy your clothes) and unbeknownst to me, a basket of clean clothes in her room.  She stomped off to get that basket, which surprised me and freaked her out when I mentioned it.  Then she shut the office door and proceeded to read fanfic while folding clothes.  Fifteen minutes later I checked on her and she had folded maybe as many as 15 items (some of which were underwear).  I told her that she should not be on the computer while folding clothes and that if she needed to do so she could fold clothes in my bedroom (where there is a tv but she would also be with me.  Then I said that I would put on the timer for 30 minutes and I expected her to have the clothes done in that time.  I actually gave her somewhere between 10-20 minutes more.  There were still about 4" of clothing left unfolded in the basket and I said that the computer would have to be turned off.

She screamed.  The upshot of it was that two hours later, she had bitten (or tried to bite) me, beaten on me, kicked me, pulled the door off of the cpu section of the desk (I hadn't realized before then that she'd pulled off most of the front of the desk and eaten it), screamed the whole time and then finally stomped off to her room.  I called her psychiatrist's on call.  I was called back and the word was, "Get her to the closest ER for evaluation, do not pass go, do not collect $200."  At the ER it was determined she needed inpatient and after 4 hours she was taken by ambulance up to Nashvagas.  (Well, technically it was Mad'son.  No, really... if you're ever seen them drive...).  We got back to Smurfreesboro about midnight?  0100??  It was late, I had a migraine & my pain levels were a 10.  With meds.  Purrs, prayers, candles, incense, good thoughts etcetera greatly appreciated.