Friday, March 5, 2010

The Door is Open!! [at Least for Today]

The weather is good enough today that I went downstairs and opened the cat door.  This was a Good Thing since I woke up with a cold.  meh.  It always takes a bit for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde to realize that it is there and that they can go in and out of it.  So once I opened it I had to remind da Boys to go in and out the window.  I have to make sure not to let them in and out the door until they go in or out of the window.  Zaphoid is not really a problem.  Once the window is open he is ecstatic!!


My other babies sometimes take a wee bit more... persuasion!!  I will sometimes have to pick up Thomas and Star and put them through one side or the other.  Once they've gone through, Mister Kitten goes, "Oh!!  The Cat Door is Open!!!!  Yaaaaaaay!!"  ::chuckle::  What was so cute today is that he sat on the kitty condo staring at The Cat Door but not going through it.  Today, Star kept going to the back door wanting me to let him inside.  I finally picked him up and put him through The Cat Door.  He's now inside and keeps looking at the door via my bedroom window.  ::snicker::

Now I just have to hope that  the weather stays warm!!  Having The Cat Door open cuts waaaaay down on us having to deal with the Changing of the Cat Guard!
Do you have to help Change the Cat Guard?

Not Cat Related - Dr. Grumpy & Five Wishes

First, you need to read this and then you need to read this.  Both of these things are about end-of-life issues.  They are extremely important.  You need to read them now.  Go on.  Shoo shoo.  I'll wait.