Saturday, November 6, 2010

Take a Break Mom!!!

"Mom just finished putting up the new products in some of the shops.  CafePress is now making long-sleeved baby shirts, hat, & a blanket.  They also have added a yoga mat, two sizes of stainless water bottles (rather than the ceramic ones), two Christmas stockings, and a iPhone 4 slider case.  So far they're up in Winter Holidays, Cat Fancy, Sleeping Kitties, Occupational Kats, & Smart Kitties.  More to come but if you need a particular image done in one of these products that isn't there yet, drop mom a line!"

Cleaning UP?? Sorry Mom, We All Need Naps!!

 "Gee, I'd help mom but I'm busy guarding the food."


 "These are not the cats you are looking for..."

 "See??  I'm helping with the laundry!!  No, really!"

"We have absolutely no clue why mom made this graphic for the store!"
PS there are new items as well!