Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mom!! What Took You So Long?!... or I'M HOME!!

 "Hi!!  This is my foster mom delivering me, Sparkles,
to my Forever Family!!  I'm soooo excited!"

 "Mmmmmmm, my new mom's girl kitten
knows how to scritch properly!"

 "Wow!  Look how far we're going, but I am getting a bit hungry."

 "Daddy says I'm trouble and I'll have to get a job.
For some reason, I don't believe him."

 "Look!  Look!  Mom's boy kitten has food for me!!  I'm starving!!"

 "Waitaminute!!  This doesn't look like my old place!!
Oh my!!  This IS a Forever Home!!"

 "None of Da Boys hissed at me at all,
but of course I have to show them who's boss!!"

 "She'll let me be on the bed for a minute and in the room if I'm very very very quiet.  Oh, why did it take mom so long to post??  Because she had to find the transfer cable for the camera (which Someone Hid!) and help Jennifer & Corwyn & Corwyn's friend get ready for the Choir's Winter Formal."

 "Mom stopped on the way home to pick up yummy Greenies and there was a toy on sale for 99¢ so she got it for me!"

"Star looks Just Like ME!!  Okay, so he's a little bigger and
he has more white on him but still!!  I've decided that I kinda
like him.  As long as he doesn't get too close or stay around
too long or get too near my new mommy or anything like that.
Oh!  Oh!  And mom & dad & the Feeder kittens talked and talked
on the way home and consulted with me and we think that my
Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde name will be.....

Lady Nova StarWatcher


 "I'm becoming a member of the
Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde today!!"

 "Okay mom, I've sent an email to Sparkles'
foster mom telling her where you'll meet her!"

 "I'll wait here until you get back and
put in pictures of our new sister!!"

 "Mister Kitten broke Star's Christmas toy so this is
the only one we have left but we'll share it with her!!"

 "Could you please hurry up mom?!
We want to see the newest member of the Horde!!"

Okay, new collar - check!
New tag... need to find engraver & steel tags.
Towel everyone has laid on - check!  Leash - check!
Metal pan for kitty litter - check!
Depending on how everyone reacts she'll either sleep in our room or Corwyn's room since Jennifer didn't get hers clean - check!

Now, we need to make Valerian tea.  I realized that I neglected to mention Valerian.  Some cats don't care for catnip but I have yet to meet a cat who doesn't like Valerian.  In fact, there is some speculation that Valerian is what was used by the Pied Piper of Hamlin since rats react the same way.  So we will be using Valerian tea to 'scent' all the cats.  Valerian also acts more like a tranquilizer rather than a 'cat crazies' like catnip does in so many cats so it is much more affective in situations like these.  HOWEVER, please do not use it internally without consulting your VET!!  We'll make another post today after Sparkles is home and we have pictures, pictures, pictures!!!  Once she has settled in her name may well change.