Monday, November 23, 2009

The Commodore Cats Fight

The Commodore Cats have been fighting over who gets the right to sit/sleep on my lap lately.  While Star has the seniority, Kitten aka Oberon aka the Cat with the Identity Crisis outweighs him by five pounds and a massive attitude.  ::shakes head::  However, this competition only lasts until my husband lays down on the bed.  Then... suddenly!... there is a Kitten worshiping him, purring up a storm, staring up at him as though he were the only human in the universe.

While he is doing this, normally being  a flop cat with his front paws either up on Dale's chest or hugging him, my husband is petting him and saying, "You know I don't like cats.  I don't know why you're up here.  I don't much like cats at all."  It rather reminds me of one of my favorite books as a small child - Go Away Dog by Joan L Nodset.  I read that book over and over.

At any rate, I'm almost out of treats and it will be awhile before I can afford to get some more, so I can't work on getting the two troublemakers to behave right now.  Zaphoid is continuing his "oooooh!  No one looooooves me!!  Peeeeet mmmmeeeeeee neeeeoooooowwwww!" routine.  Thomas is playing it cool.  He's rarely seen except to complain about food being needed in the small bowls or to let me know that Timmy's in the Well™ (iow a cat wants to come in).  He'll stare at you through the door and the minute you open it walk away.  You start to call him and sure enough, another cat comes sauntering along, wanting out.  ::rolls eyes::  Silly boy.