Saturday, November 20, 2010

Okay, who broke the camera??

::sigh::  Can we start this week over please??  Speeding ticket, right side turn light disappeared (valet parked & suddenly gone, I'm suspicious), tire came off of the rim as I was leaving to turn in SSD appeal, got new lithium batteries for camera & took pictures & when I turned it back on it said "low battery" & stopped working, today my husband's car battery was deader than a doorknob.  I got a new one, put it in and it didn't do more than make the lights work.  Meanwhile, my friend Kat from Memphis called to tell me that she was following the ambulance taking her mother (who has COPD) to the hospital with pneumonia.  I would like a do-over please.

 "So, Brain, how do we make a do-over for mom??"
"Be quiet Pinky, I'm thinking."

 "I know I wasn't around last night mom, but I'll come see you
later to make you feel better.  No, really!!  Especially now
that the flashy thing is... ummm... ahhhhh... gotta go!"

 "Yessssssss, we shall make mothur sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep."

 "Hey!  At least she got that box from the Angel Food Ministries place that Auntie Kat paid for!!  Fooooood!  Fooood is goooooood!!"

"We're not sure which ones we're getting for our pet children."