Friday, September 17, 2010

Where Are My Serfs??

"I'll help clean the sink but that's it mom!"

"I can't help mom, I'm still recovering."

"I can lay on the bed while you try to make it!"

"I'm quite competent at supervising washing the floor.
But I'm afraid I'm not very good with a mob."

Hmmmm, I guess I can't get the cats to help with the housework.

Boy, Did I Fubar That One!!

I was planning to move the Breast Cancer Awareness into it's own section.  ::head:laptop::  I got it moved and then accidentally erased it.  gah!  This means that I have to put it back in bit by bit.  Ergo, I'll be working on that first.  However, they finally got the 2011 calendars up!!  blah.

Star seems to be doing better.  There aren't large bumps anymore.  OTOH I haven't seen any pus come out.  On one hand, he seems to be feeling better, he's been taking his antibiotics.  On the other hand, I'm not sure if he needs to see the vet again, especially since we can't afford it (BTW thanks again to everyone who contributed!!  Your contributions got us to within ~$1 of Star's bill!!).  He's still sleeping a lot.  If I could find a working camera I'd take some new pictures, but of course, it's gone missing!!  What a week!!  I've had one teacher for each kid get in touch with me about things they need to do to keep from getting Fs for the first six weeks.  And, once again, it's not that they haven't done the work, they just haven't turned it in.  Gah!!  I need a vacation!  At any rate, today I'll leave you with one of my favorite Breast Cancer Awareness graphics, which will probably be going up in the store some time today.

Which reminds me, I should make some of the long bumper stickers.  Oh!  Did you know that the rectangular & oval stickers are made out of the same material as the bumper stickers??  I think that is soooo cool.