Thursday, March 31, 2011


 "Ahhhhhhhh.  Why won't Audrey do this with me??"

 "Not the ear!  Not the ear!!"

 "I still want a window seat in the kitchen."

 "Mom put catnip in the sooooooooooock."

"Well, actually we don't know yet.  Here's the thing.  As many of you know, our baby sister Audrey came to use from Miss Chrystal at DAILY DOSE OF DOGS (AKA CATS WITH YOUR COFFEE).
But Chrystal has lost her computer!!
Here's what KC at Cat Blogosphere had to report...

Chrystal’s computer was dying and she emailed me and asked iffen I could post a message on tha CB. That’s tha last I heared from hers.
She said they’d try to figure out how to get another one.
I’s got two computers here, but they’s already going to new homes in the CB.

"This is Not Good!!  A lot of Cats & Woofies depend on Chrystal to find them Forever Homes!!  Please go check with KC on Cat Blogosphere if you happen to have a computer for Chrystal!!
She does such fantastic work."

PS Audrey has helped us with mom a lot since she became a part of the Horde.  Every morning she dances and purrs and loves on mommy so that mom always starts the day with a smile.  We can highly recommend Forever Friends that Chrystal has rescued.  (No Audrey! You can not have another twin brother!)  Check out Handsome!!
Black cats RULE!"

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Doctor for Feeders (thank goodness no vet!!)

 "Ummmm, where'd mom go??"

 "Hey!  Knives may make me feel better but
I seriously needed to see my pcp yesterday!"

 "Good thinking, taking mom with you.  She's been
having 5 cat days.  BTW did you have to tell her I'd
gotten rid of... ummm... ah... lost my collar again??"

"I don't care where anyone goes as long as I get treats and pettings!!"

"This is what happened when mom & Jennifer
got to Doc Jones' yesterday." - Star

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bad Migraines!! Noooo Biscuit!!

 "Shhhhhhh!  Mom's been having migraines all weekend.
And it's been rainy so her ankle hurts too."

 "Do you think if I look cute enough someone will
take me out anyway?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Anyone?
Hellloooooo!  Pssst!  Who's Bueller, Star?"

 "We're playing migraine in the middle while Star tries to zap it with Supr Skrt Ninja Lazer Eyes from the hall.  We're sure this will work!!"

 "Uh, guys??  I don't think it worked.
Mom just pulled out that Imitrex sticky thing again."

"Oh noes!!  Not the Supr Supr Skrt MOMMY Ninja Powers!!
Run away!  Run away!!"

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mom's Eye Still Pink!

 "Hmmmm, everycat is outside but dumb ole' Knives.
Guess I'll have to take care of mom's pinkeye."

 "First of all, I am not dumb!  I am very good at taking care of mom!  Even if she says I can't lay on her legs too long because I'm too heavy (which I'm not!)."

 "Wow!  It's exhausting trying to amuse mom!!  Hey!
Where'd my hair band go??  Oh!  Here it is!"

 "Is that dad??  Never mindzzzzzzz."

"You do know they call them treats for a reason.  Right??"

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ouchie! Mom's Eye is PINK!!

 "This is what I do every morning.  (Shut up Knives!!  I do not do it all day too!!  Sometimes you actually let me in the window ledge!  Dumb ole' yellow brother.)  Anyway, mom goes into the bathroom to weigh herself and brush her teeth and take stuff that she says is medicine and not cat treats, which is okay because she gives me treats after.  While she's in there I play with her and my hair bands.  This morning I had seven!!  Mommy helps me count them.  I purr and purr and purr and love on mommy to help her get ready for the day.  But this morning mommy's left eye was PINK!!  I gave her extra purrs and lovings but it did not change color!  So I told mom I'd handle today's blog with the help my twin brother of another mother Star.  So we're just putting up this note followed by three of the new pictures in our own picture section in our store.  We hope you like them!!"

 "Everyone says Zaphoid is emo but Jennifer."

 "The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde actually
eats dry food and treats but I made this because
everycat deserves gooshy food if they want it!!"
PS don't tell mom about the Lady Next Door

"Good question!!"
PS I put linkees in the pictures like always
so you can go straight to them - Star

PPS Don't forget to check out Winnie's Wish.  The third cat down is being called Handsome and looks just like me & Audrey!  As I'm sure you know, black cats are the most awesome in every sense of the word!!  Audrey was sheltered at the same place Handsome is now and she says they rock!!  If you can't give someone there a Forever Home, at least send them some purrs, grrrs and/or prayers.  Thanks!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Corwyn!!

 "Hi!!  I don't care what anyone says, my boy
Corwyn doesn't think I'm fat!!  Well, not much."

 "I'm only four but today Corwyn turned FIFTEEN!!"

"Corwyn got to help pick out the next cat in the
Horde and I'm so glad he helped pick out ME!!"
 "This is a picture of Corwyn about three years ago.
He is napping with the late Quigley the Demon Dust Bunny Hunter who was Corwyn's First Official Cat."

Everycat in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde wishes
our Feeder Corwyn a Very Happy Fifteenth Birthday!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday, Monday...

 "Everycat is soooooo blue.  I think we all need more naps."

 "And treats, I'm sure I saw one fall down here... if not, I can play with the shoes like my twin brother of another mother, Star!"

 "I should get the most treats.  See how innocent I am?
This is the face of innocence."

"Knives?  Innocent?  Dude.  Seriously.
Even the Feeders won't buy that one!"

"Okay dad, I know what I want for dinner!!"

Sunday, March 20, 2011

World's Newest Escape Artist or Dad is an Easy Mark

 "For the record, mom's endoscopy looked good, but she won't know about the biopsy results until next week.  We've been making her rest since she was cleaning waaaaay too much trying to get the house ready for a... a... a... something... to get the house refinanced so she & daddy can have green papers.  This is me on top of Andy.  Andy is the name of daddy's baby grand piano and is beside the front door."

 "Don't I look cute??  So why doesn't anyone want to let me OUT??  That's okay, dad isn't good at keeping me from getting OUT so I have managed to sneak OUT the back door.  HA ha HA!!  But my stinky ole' brothers Star and Zaphy won't let me be by myself out there!!  Mean ole' brothers.  They taught me that if I hear dogs or cars I must jump inside the fence FAST FAST FAST!!  Now if mom would just let me OUT!!  Harumph!  Dad is the only smart one.  He keeps saying it's okay and mom & Jennifer & Corwyn keep putting their hands on their hips and using lazer eyes at him.  And now he's gone to get the screen that Zaphy put a great cat flap in in the back screen door replaced with a pet-proof screen!  Mean ole' daddy.  grrrrrrrrr"

 "I like my brothers Star & Thomas & Zaphy.  I'll sniff and trade face rubs with them.  But that stinky ole' yellow cat Knives keeps looking at me!!  So I growl at him.  Stinky ole' yellow cat.  We fight over the window 'seat' in mom & dad's bedroom.  Maybe when they get green papers they'll put in a window seat just for me in the kitchen!!"

 "Are you sure there isn't a treat left in that bag??"

"Mom makes sure that everycat who has ever been in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde is not only spayed & neutered but also has a tag with their name & phone number on it.  (She doesn't use our rabies tags because some of us have been collar escape artists.)"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today Cleaning... Tomorrow Endoscopy

"Okay!  Time to clean the kitchen!!  I'll be snoopervising!"

"Oh yeah, you gotta do something about this!"

"You will not move the cat toy.
You will not move the cat toy.
You will not..."

"See how good we're helping??" - Knives

"Mom's getting an Endoscopy tomorrow.
So there may be a post in the evening or not until Thursday."

Monday, March 14, 2011

Rainbow Bridge - Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty was rescued about 16 years ago by my mom and my brother David.  She was always David's cat but she lived at my mom & dad's house.  First because he went to college, then because she didn't like anyone but David and heaven forbid there were other animals in the house!!  Miss Kitty was a feral cat rescued from underneath an old school building.  But my family has an excellent track record in rescuing feral cats.  It took many years before Miss Kitty would let anyone but David touch her.  Then it was just mom... then dad.  Oddly enough, she would come to me and my children... and once we married, my husband.  This rather shocked my mom since Miss Kitty didn't take to anyone else.  She was a long-hair black and white.  I have no pictures of her.  For the last six months or so she has spent most of her time on her pillow in front of the living room heater or on her soft throw rug on the couch.  She's been eating special food that had to be served in a particular way in a particular dish.

Since Christmas I've watched this beauty deteriorate.  Beginning to look like an old cat but still content so long as her people were there to serve her and give her the Proper Attention™ she deserved.  She spent a lot more time at the vets.  Last week she saw the vet four times and was diagnosed with kidney failure.  We all knew it was time to make sure that she was comfortable.  My brother went to have dinner with my parents, actually to visit his cat, Miss Kitty.  She had a good weekend but this morning she experienced seizures.  Mom called the vet to change her appointment from one to help her be comfortable to one to help her cross the Bridge.  Miss Kitty passed away in my mother's arms at the vet's office before her first shot.  She will be cremated and her ashes scattered over a farm that does that per David & my parents wishes.  My parents do not plan to get another cat.  Mom turned 69 this year and they want to travel.  It will be easier on them without having a furbaby at home to worry about.  But the house feels empty.  They haven't had a home without a cat since they were married when I was 11 (dad is mom's 2nd husband).  Their first cats were Elizabeth & Mittens, my late grandparents (actually my Aunt Susan's, see a trend here?) cat Gwenivere's last kittens.  Only two in the litter and we just had to have both.  I've lost furbabies over the years.  My parents, my brother have as well.  Every loss is like a hole in your heart.  But even though she was shy, she was beautiful.  And she leaves behind a small black and white hole.  Which explains why Star is trilling at me, trying to make me feel better.  Thanks for listening.


PS Corwyn just reminded me that Miss Kitty was 18 years old.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to Terrify Your Mom in Four Easy Steps by Audrey

"So dad's been working on fixing the back door outside.
This means that I have to stay in their bedroom while he's doing it
because there aren't any other doors to close me off in the house.
As I'm sure everycat is aware, This Is Not Fair To Cats™!!
Fortunately, dad forgot about the fact that I am
fast, fast, fast and I managed to get OUT.
But he caught me and put me in the fenced yard.  HA!"

"You see, during time I've walked outside, I found out that you can jump over the back and side fence!  Well, I didn't do that the first time I got OUT of the back yard.  Muahahahahahahaha!  No, I went under the fence through a spot mom didn't know about!  Go me!!"

"For some reason mom got all worried and scared about me being out and going into the bushes with the sharp thingees that didn't bother me at all!  She was calling and calling.  My twin brother of another mother Star and my brother Zaphoid came OUT with me after all!!  Really!!  Why would it bother mom just because she didn't have Star's toys that mom calls shoes??  She almost got me and then went in to get some stinky stuff called too-nah.  All the boys wanted it and I came out to get some but stinky ole' mom tried to pick me up!!  Pooh!  I jumped back into the yard.  Mom tried to pick me up again so of course I had to jump back over again!  Then I went back into the brush and the Lady Next Door who has all the Woofies That Yell at Us asked what was wrong.  Mom told her that I was OUT.  ::rolls eyes::  The Lady Next Door said something about 'beating the bushes'.  I didn't like the sound of that so I ran back out again.  Wouldn't you know it, mom got me this time!!  She tossed me into the house and pulled the not-yet-fixed-door so that I couldn't open it.  ::pout::  Then she came back into the house through the front door.  I told her and told her I wanted to go back OUT but she said "No!"  Mean ole' mommy!!  She even made me go back into her room!  Oh well, at least she let me have the too-nah in there.  Harrumph."

"Well, I'm tired and I'm going to take a nap now.  It's hard
work scaring moms!!  I need to make sure I'm extra
extra cute so she'll give me looooots of treats tonight.
I'm really going to need them!  Hmmm, I wonder what 'adult beverages' are and why mom is talking about them?"

The Bad and the Good and the Oh My!

First the bad so we can get it out of the way and then feel better by looking at pictures of sweet babies.  This message was passed on from on of the blogs I read regularly (I actually read a lot but don't have the energy to reply but we purr & pray for everycat that needs it!).  It seems that Caboodle Ranch, a no-kill home for kitties with no other place to go may have become a hoarding situation.  Here is some more information about it.  I don't have absolute proof, but if anyone does, please please let me know!  This is very sad and we are purring & praying for the sweet cats there.

For the good.  Well, there's a bit of bad.  Somehow we can't find Audrey's harness & leash!!  Fortunately she has a backup harness and I was able to cobble up something to use as a leash.  She doesn't like this harness as much since it's an H as opposed to a Figure 8 which is what most cats prefer.  I hope we find it!!

"Hey mom!!  I'm ready to go ou-ut!!
What do you mean I need my leash??"

"Mmmmmm, open window... mmmmmmm"

"So-oo what are you guys doing to my bathroom??"

"Okay Audrey, mom & dad are trying to get the house in shape so they can have the house appraised so they can get the house refinanced and pay off some stuff.  That'll mean more treats." - Star

"More treats!  More treats!!" - Knives & Audrey

"Now if mom could just afford a cleaning team.  I have no idea
why she keeps complaining about me spraying everywhere.
It was not me.  No, really!!" - Thomas

::yawn:: "I'll help by taking a nap.
I'm sure that will be very very helpful." - Zaphy