Sunday, April 24, 2011

Star Will Go Back to the Vet Monday - UPDATE - mom will go pick up meds for me

 "I went outside last night.  Mom wasn't happy with me."

 "She was even more unhappy when I came up to go inside."

 "The fur on my head was wet & sticking up.  When mom checked there were two sores on it.  Mean ole' mommy cleaned me up & dusted me with goldenseal powder.  Mean ole' mommy!!  She's making everycat be even more vigilant about keeping me in and is going to take me back to the vet tomorrow rather than call them today since I'm being my usual self.  Our vets are good about coming in when we need them even when their office is closed but it's Easter and unless I start feeling worse today mom will let me wait."

"So if my furfriends could send me a few purrs
& their Feeders some prayers I'd appreciate it."

PS The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde & their Feeders would like to wish everycat & their Feeders (and our woofie friends too)

PPS because Star will have to go back to the vet, he could use a green paper or two if you can spare it to help pay for his vet bill.  We have a dedicated paypal account for the Horde and a button on the left hand side of our blog.  And of course, all of the profits from our shop also go to the care, feeding & vet bills of the Horde.

UPDATE:  Star finally came down from Jennifer's room to eat some lunch which gave us a chance to get a good look at how his head is doing.  Now I'm seriously wondering if I should wait until tomorrow or not.